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We Provide Long
Term Private
Capital For Fast
Changing World

We Provide Long
Term Private
Capital For Fast
Changing World

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Who we are

Family Office
Investment Group

Sev.en Global Investments is a family office investment group present on three continents and based in the Czech Republic. The group targets restructuring and growth acquisition opportunities across various industries worldwide. Our beneficiary is Mr. Pavel Tykač, a prominent Czech entrepreneur and investor.


We seek and value talent; our experienced team of over 40 professionals has successfully identified, analysed, executed and integrated landmark acquisitions worldwide and investment opportunities worldwide. In cooperation with our portfolio companies’ management teams we achieve strong growth and high return on invested capital in the assets that we manage.

What We
Look For

We deploy our private capital into higher risk opportunities offering strong riskadjusted returns. We are a long-term investor, we look for special situations such as shortage of capital, merchant exposure, need for restructuring or other unique opportunities, where we can use our funds to gain operational control or have a clear path to it. In close cooperation with management we focus on efficiency, commercial and operational improvements and we strive to ensure a new strategy of sustainable growth and prosperity for all our newly acquired companies.


Since 2018, under the umbrella of Sev.en group we have successfully acquired and further developed gas fired generation plants in the UK, metallurgical mining assets and mineral rights portfolios in the United States and conventional power plants, minerals and mining businesses in Australia. Since 2021 we operate under the brand of Sev.en Global Investments. We have built a strong base to grow further across various industries on a global basis.


We Build Strong,
Sustainable And Resilient Local Businesses

As a family office investment group, we deploy our own capital for the long term with the objective to build successful, growing and resilient businesses. We aim to achieve a long term, sustainable future of our operations and to bring significant value to our stakeholders – owners, customers, our people and communities.

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"We have built a strong base to grow further across various industries on a global basis. In 2023, we have successfully divested our first assets and are on a lookout for new projects."


Alan Svoboda
CEO Sev.en Global Investments

Key facts and figures

2,000 m

equity value of current portfolio2

3,090 MW

total installed generation capacity


presence on three continents


total employees


professionals in Sev.en GI in Prague

11 m tons

metcoal and coal mined per annum

2.2 bn tons

control over proven reserves of metallurgical and thermal coal

200,000 tons

sulphate potassium to be mined per annum1

1 The production launch is expected for 4Q 2023.
2 All presented data are denominated in EUR millions and prepared based on local statutory accounting GAAP. Reporting period for US entities covers calendar year 2022, i.e., 1st January - 31st December 2022. Australian entities under Delta Electricity Pty were acquired in December 2022 and the reporting period covers 6 months (July - December 2022). Australian entity Australia Salt Lake Potash Pty is still in acquisition and transition period (values not included). Europe consists of InterGen Group consolidated through equity method, presented data represent whole enterprise whereas Sev.en GI group holds 50% share. The UK-part of Intergen Group was disposed of by sale in early 2023.


Global Reach
Across Industries

Sev.en Global Investments deploys private capital into higher risk opportunities offering strong risk-adjusted returns around the world.

We often find opportunities in areas where institutional investors no longer show interest due to their ESG constraints, but which are still vital for our economies. Our investments often enable the transition towards more sustainable future with zero carbon emissions in the long-term.

Sev.en GI is a long-term investor, that looks for special situations such as shortage of capital, merchant exposure, need for restructuring or other unique situations, where we gain operational control or have a clear path to it.

We focus on operational improvements and strive to ensure a new strategy of sustainable growth and prosperity for all our newly acquired companies. Sev.en GI actively seeks merchant assets with the aim to exploit the market opportunities, focusing on specific asset mix in each market where we operate.

Strong Expertise
And Credentials

Sev.en GI's acquisition and integration teams are composed of experienced M&A professionals, market research and industry specialists. Our turnaround experts work closely with the managements of our portfolio companies to jointly develop best strategies for sustainable and value-generating growth in the ever-changing markets.

We hire and develop the best people who can help us prosper and grow further. We nourish and share the talent across our portfolio companies.


We invest for the long-term and work with the local managements of our target companies to achieve a successful and sustainable operations and growth for all our stakeholders and communities. We use initial investments as platforms for further growth. We actively manage the assets and explore synergies, both within our investment portfolio and with our sister group Sev.en. We aim to operate our assets until the end of their operational life and their systemic role in the industry.


Family Office
Main Vehicle For
International Growth

International expansion of Sev.en started in 2019 with the first major step being a purchase of the 50% interest in InterGen N.V. with assets in the UK and Australia.

In 2020, we continued with acquisitions of metallurgical coal producers in the United States including Blackhawk Mining, LLC and Corsa Coal Corp. In 2021, the group acquired several portfolios of mining rights and land in the United States under the umbrella of Golden Eagle Land Company, which triggered a separate investment category focus.

Over the last three years these international acquisitions were consolidated under the Sev.en Global Investments group with the objective to further strengthen the investment focus and widen the acquisition scope to other sectors and regions.

At the end of 2021, Sev.en Global Investments became the family office main vehicle for international Investments and business development.

In 2022, Sev.en Global Investments strengthened its energy generation business in Australia by acquiring a 100% share of Delta Electricity Pty Ltd which owns and operates the coal-fired Vales Point Power Station and the Chain Valley Colliery mining complex in New South Wales.

In addition, Sev.en GI has expanded its sector presence to minerals by acquiring a 100% share in Australia Salt Lake Potash Pty Ltd, the operating subsidiary of Salt Lake Potash (SO4), developing the flagship Lake Way potash project in Western Australia with planned production of over 200,000 tons per

annum of potassium-based fertilizers. In 2023, we have successfully divested our investment in InterGen UK assets and have further expanded our portfolios of land and mineral mining rights both in the United States (Golden Eagle Land Company) and in Australia (Sev.en Royalties).

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Jesse Parrish

Jesse Parrish
Country Manager – United States

Jesse is the CEO of Blackhawk Mining. Since 2014 when he joined Blackhawk, he was a President, CFO, VP and Director of Strategic Planning and Corporate Communications. Prior to Blackhawk, Jesse practiced law in the Lexington, Kentucky office of Bingham Greenebaum Doll LLP. Previously, Jesse was the Chairman for the West Virginia Coal Association and the Kentucky Coal Association. He is also a trustee for the Energy and Mineral Law Foundation and a member of the Board of Directors of the National Mining Association. Jesse Parrish is a graduate of the University of Kentucky with a Bachelor of Business Administration in Finance and a Juris Doctor.

Sean Neely

Sean Neely
Director - UK Office

Sean has spent over 30 years in M&A and development in the international power sector. He has led successful acquisitions across UK, Europe, Asia and Australia, including thermal power plants, wind and pumped storage. His expertise includes project development, M&A and financing. Sean is a Fellow of the Institute of Chartered Accountants, and he holds a BSc in mechanical engineering from Imperial College, London.

Mark Sykes

Mark Sykes
Country Manager – Australia

Mark oversees Sev.en GI's investments in Australia. He has 30 years of experience in the natural resources and FMCG sectors. Mark has strong corporate experience including strategy, project management, optimisation of asset portfolios, mergers and acquisitions and technical engineering. Mark has both Australian and International business experience. He holds Mining Engineering degree from Curtin University and a Minerals Economic masters from Macquarie University in Australia.


Pavel Tykač

“Sufficiency of reliable, safe and affordable electricity is one of the basic conditions for the existence of today’s civilization.“

Mr. Pavel Tykač is a prominent Czech entrepreneur and investor, who has been ranked by Forbes Real Time Billionaires among TOP 300 World’s wealthiest people.

He has over thirty years of experience as entrepreneur and investor in various industries including computer technology, financing, banking and above all, energy and mining.

As a beneficiary of the Sev.en group he develops and expands his investments in the Czech Republic, and worldwide where the Sev.en group makes almost 80% of revenues.

In 2006, he entered the mining sector via the acquisition of a minority interest in the Czech Coal mining group which, among other, owns the Vršany and ČSA lignite mines. Further energy investments followed including lignite fired power plant Elektrárna Chvaletice (2013), Teplárna Kladno and Teplárna Zlín (2019) and Elektrárna Počerady (2020).

Currently, Sev.en is a leading private energy group in the Czech Republic. Mr. Tykač is also a successful investor in other sectors including commodities, stocks, real estate and other.

The Tykač family supports various projects from Czech language teaching at University College, Oxford University, to local support of women in need via a Women for Women Foundation.

Cummulatively, Sev.en group and the Tykač family donated recently over EUR 2,000,000 to charitable projects. In 2022, Sev.en and the Tykač family pledged a CZK 100 million (USD 5 million) donation to Ukraine under “The Bridge for Ukraine” initiative. This includes a number of integration and social projects for the affected families both in Ukraine and the Czech Republic. The project also aims to mitigate the energy impacts of this armed conflict.


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Sev.en Business Areas

We Build on 150 Years of History and Success of Sister Group Sev.en Česká energie

Sev.en Česká energie
Business Areas


In Mining, Sev.en Česká energie operates the biggest lignite deposit in the Czech Republic – the ČSA mine, and the Vršany mine, with the longest life of lignite deposits within the existing territorial limits and total annual production almost 12 million tons and 2,149 employees.


Power and
Heat Generation

In the Czech Republic Sev.en Česká energie is the largest privately owned power generation group. Sev.en operates mostly lignite fired power plants with installed capacity of 4 x 205 MW at Elektrárna Chvaletice, 5 x 205 MW at Elektrárna Počerady and 6 production blocks in Teplárna Kladno (out of which 2 are natural gas blocks) & Zlín with the capacity of 588 MW electricity and 1 339 MW of heat.

In 2022 the group produced 11.7 TWh of electricity and over 617 GWh of heat.



Sev.en has a strong asset management expertise in energy generation and mining. Sev.en Engineering focuses on modernisation and optimal technical development of operated assets, provides technical audits of power plants and shares its experience with Sev.en Global Investments in technical evaluation and integration of acquired international energy and mining assets.



Sev.en Česká energie is an industry leader in land reclamation and recultivation. The group invested over 11 m EUR towards land reclamation activities. Our Green Mine project focuses on a transition of the ČSA mine region post-mining and includes new landscapes, new business activities or emission-free energy (PV plants, hydrogen) – a new life for the region and people who live there.