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We are looking to hire exceptionally talented and performance-driven candidates with proven analytical horse-power, ideally with experience in M&A, finance and international business, for the following roles:

Investment Manager

Job Description

As an Investment Manager, you would have 5+ years of experience with a strong understanding of specific markets and/or sectors, and skills to identify and develop and close transaction opportunities, structure and execute them independently up to signing/closing; coordinating and effectively communicating with the 7GI team, due diligence teams, external advisors, financing providers, and members of 7GI Investment Committee.


Job Description

As an Associate, you would build on a strong Analyst profile together with 2-3 years of transactional and/or finance experience, with proficiency in financial modelling and full range of valuation approaches and due dilligence process. You would be able to independently structure your assignments, work efficiently and proactively in a transaction team and with our external advisors.

Asset Management Associate

Job Description

As an Asset Management Associate you would be responsible for technical due diligence during acquisition process and you would also provide support for implementation of operation and maintenance strategy of the acquired assets. You should be a technical university graduate with at least 3 years of working experience. Ideally, on top of the technical knowledge you should also commonly apply business and economic thinking.


Job Description

As an Analyst, you would have university degree with excellent grades, 2-3 years of experience in analytical services, strong analytical skills and mindset. You would look into dynamics of both global and local commodity markets and would work closely with leading global analytical firms. You would be part of transaction teams and your work would be a critical component in evaluating the opportunities. You would also work with management of assets that we operate.

If you share our our passion and drive for successful acquisition driven growth and have the right skills and experience for any of the above roles, we will be happy to consider your application.

We will be happy to consider your application at e-mail.

This page contains information about how to join our team. Read more about the group at www.7energy.com. See also our contacts page.