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Our investment and integration teams consist of experienced investment professionals and corporate managers and turnaround experts with entrepreneurial spirit and deep-rooted technical and commercial expertise. We have a long standing and proven track record across several industries and the right balance between professional competence, managerial skills, experience and personal integrity.

As in any intensive buy-side work, we challenge ourselves to understand the opportunities from all relevant business, financial, commercial, operational, legal, and regulatory angles, anticipate the short and long-term market dynamics, foresee risks and add-on opportunities, quantitatively scrutinize the value generation potential, and structure the transactions and conduct the negotiations such that value gets captured and risks preempted or priced in. Our work is dynamic and intense but the joint success is rewarding.

Alan Svoboda

Chief Executive Officer e-mail

Alan is the CEO of Sev.en Global Investments. Alan focuses both on identifying and acquiring further businesses in various sectors worldwide, and on the integration and long-term development of existing investment portfolio. Alan has over 25 years of business experience in various top management positions in the energy and utilities sectors and management consulting with McKinsey&Co. Alan holds three master's degrees from universities in the United States and the Czech Republic including MBA in Finance and Masters in Economics. He is a certified CFA.

Zdeněk Čihák

Chief Financial Officer e-mail

Zdeněk is a skilled leader with over 10 years’ experience in finance management of energy trading business and leading international teams. Zdeněk started his career in EY specialized in the utility sector. Afterwards he has worked in Alpiq on various positions including Head of finance international and country manager for the Czech Republic. Zdeněk is a chartered accountant holding an EMBA from the School of Business of the University of Pittsburgh and a master's degree from the University of Liberec.

Petr Štulc

Chief Strategy Officer e-mail

Petr has over 25 years of experience, primarily in energy as well as in financial sector. His expertise includes business strategy, transactions, market analysis, new technologies, large investment projects, operation and maintenance of large assets and energy supply to end users. Petr worked for leading consultancies and industry players. Petr holds PhD and MSc in geophysics from the Charles University in Prague.

Michal Soukup

Chief Technical Officer e-mail

Michal is responsible for effective power generation, including performance, maintenance and CAPEX. He also focuses on technical and economic assessment of new technologies. Michal holds a masters degree in Power Engineering and has over 15 years of experience in the energy sector.

Veronika Diamantová

Head of Communication e-mail

Veronika is a spokesperson and communication expert with over 15 years of experience in Corporate Communication, Public Relations and as a TV journalist also in Media communication business. She is responsible for reputation management, communication strategies and media relations agenda. Veronika holds an M.A. degree from the faculty of Social Science - the Charles University in Prague.

Jana Karakolevová

Head of Financing e-mail

Jana is responsible for financing including acquisition finance, corporate restructurings, leveraged finance and potential equity structures. She has over 20 years of experience in corporate and investment banking and in private sector. Jana holds MSc in Finance degree from London Business School and a master’s degree from the University of Economics in Prague.

Jiří Šumbera

Chief Analyst e-mail

Jiří is a market analyst of energy, coal and steel sectors. He provides analysis and valuation support for M&A, asset management and business development. Jiří has extensive understanding of European energy markets gained by researching, quantifying and modelling both for strategic and trading purposes for over more than 15 years. Jiří holds a PhD in Econometrics and Operational Research from the University of Economics in Prague and a master’s degree in Materials Science and Engineering from the Czech Technical University, Prague.

Alena Němcová

Legal Counsel Governance e-mail

Alena is a legal professional with over 15 years’ experience advising clients on the entire spectrum of transactions and legal matters. She specializes in M&A, corporate and commercial law. She holds a master's degree in Law from the Palacký University in Olomouc and Ph.D. degree in Criminal law from the Charles University in Prague.

Denisa Kubová

Associate Governance e-mail

Denisa is responsible for the corporate governance of both Czech and international companies in the Sev.en Global Investments group. She holds a Master´s degree in Law and Juris Doctor degree from Civil Law, both from the Charles University in Prague.

Miroslav Falcmann

Senior Engineer e-mail

Miroslav delivers technical knowledge and experience to the team. Over the past 30 years, he has been involved in various construction and modernization projects including large fossil fuel power plants as well as smaller municipal and industrial projects such as combined heat and power generation, biomass and municipal waste incineration and utilization and industrial process heating. Miroslav gained experience in positions as a designer, process engineer, chief engineer and project manager.

Radek Jirků

Senior Engineer e-mail

Radek is a multidisciplinary manager with over 10 years of various roles in both technical field and M&A. He supports acquisitions and works on maximizing value of the assets. He is a member of Supervisory Board of Zlín CHP plant. He holds several university degrees – Master of Mechanical Engineering from the Institute of Power Machinery (CTU), Master of Business and Management in Industry (CTU) and Bachelor of Business Administration (VŠE).

Veronika Výstupová

Senior Associate Financing e-mail

Veronika focuses on financing, deal structuring, liabilities management, and communication with banks and investors. Veronika has a strong background from consultancy in corporate finance, M&A, and restructuring, with a particular focus on the energy, infrastructure, and manufacturing sectors. Veronika holds MA degree in Business and Management from the University of Glasgow and MSc in Finance from Lund University in Sweden.

Jakub Schaffer

Group Tax Counsel e-mail

Jakub specializes in tax M&A, including structuring of foreign investments, tax due diligence, advising on corporate restructurings and international tax planning. Prior to joining Sev.en GI, Jakub worked as a tax manager in a global tax consulting firm. He holds a Master's degree in Accounting and Taxation from the Mendel University in Brno and is a certified tax advisor of the Chamber of Tax Advisors of the Czech Republic and a certified accountant.

Andrea Pokutová

Office Manager e-mail

Andrea is responsible for smooth running of the office and team support. She has previous experience in office management from banking sector. Andrea spent few years living in the UK and Australia, where she studied at The Sydney Business and Travel Academy.

Dagmar Palková

International Controller e-mail

Dagmar oversees financial reporting and controlling. With over 15 years of professional experience, Dagmar has built a career in finance, controlling and risk management. In Big4 she gained experience in audit of utility sector companies, while working on ACCA qualification. Dagmar holds a Law and Jurisprudence degree from the Palacký University.

Adam Čížek

HR Manager e-mail

Adam oversees the complete Human Resources agenda. He brings over 15 years of HR experience and expertise from various industries and projects. As a certified executive coach, Adam has collaborated with executives and leadership teams in Europe and abroad. He holds a Bachelor's degree in Finance and Psychology from the Florida State University, coupled with a Master's degree in Economics from the University of Economics in Prague.

Jan Vopařil

Senior Engineer e-mail

Jan´s expertise in Sev.en GI lies in long-term investment planning, asset performance optimization, risk management, and the integration of strategic initiatives within a data-driven company model. Jan has over 14 years of global experience in the gas industry, shaping his role in a decarbonized energy mix. He has dual master's degrees (Ing. et Ing.) and two professional degrees (Ph.D., MBA), including experience as a research associate.

Radek Váňa

M&A Legal Counsel e-mail

Radek Váňa is responsible for legal execution of the group’s M&A transactions. He is a corporate lawyer with 25 years of international experience, which includes work for major international law firms in CEE, London and Amsterdam, as an in-house legal executive for mining and energy company in London and Almaty, or as the head of legal of a major international lottery group.

Petr Šlechta

Vice President e-mail

As M&A, Petr leads transactions in energy, mining, and financial services globally. As supervising director, he oversees Sev.en GI's energy investments in the UK and Australia. Petr worked for 15 years as transaction manager and partner of a large global management consultancy and of a privately held M&A advisory. He holds PhD in clinical psychology and MBA in Finance from INSEAD, France.

Dalibor Hlaváč

Vice President e-mail

Dalibor is an investment manager with over 25 years of extensive track record in mergers & acquisitions, strategic development and private equity projects. He advised on over 50 completed corporate acquisitions in various industrial sectors. Dalibor holds a master’s degree from the University of Economics in Prague and is certified Corporate Finance at the Institute of Chartered Accountants in England and Wales.

Sean Neely

DDirector UK M&A e-mail

Sean has spent over 30 years in M&A and development in the international power sector. He has led successful acquisitions across UK, Europe, Asia and Australia, including thermal power plants, wind and pumped storage. His expertise includes project development, M&A and financing. Sean is a Fellow of the Institute of Chartered Accountants, and he holds a BSc in mechanical engineering from lmperial College, London.

Ondřej Hromádka

Investment Manager e-mail

Ondřej is an investment professional primarily focusing on UK & European Investments with hands-on governance experience as part of the team that managed and successfully divested our UK gas-fired power plants. Prior to joining Sev.en GI, he spent several years in electricity sector. Ondřej holds Master’s degree in Economics from the University of Economics in Prague and is a certified CFA.

Lukáš Koleňák

Associate e-mail

Lukáš is focusing on energy markets. Prior to joining Sev.en GI, Lukáš worked for over 5 years at an international accounting and professional services firm, where he supervised audits of various companies from banks and investment funds to group consolidations and real estate. He holds a Master’s degree in Civil Engineering from the CVUT, graduating summa cum laude, and spent final year of his master’s degree working as a research assistant at NTU in Singapore.

Lukáš Boško

Vice President e-mail

Lukáš leads transactions in energy, mining, and steelmaking. As a director, he oversees Sev.en GI investments in Australia. Lukáš previously worked in a global management consultancy, primarily in metals, mining and manufacturing sectors. He holds an MBA in Finance from Wharton School, University of Pennsylvania and a bachelor degree from Oxford University.

Mark Sykes

Country Manager - Australia e-mail

Mark oversees Sev.en Gl's investments in Australia. He has 30 years of experience in the naturel resources and FMCG sectors. Mark has strong corporate experience including strategy, project management, optimisation of asset portfolios, mergers and acquisitions and technical engineering. Mark has both Australian and lnternational business experience. He holds Mining Engineering degree from Curtin University and a Minerals Economic masters from Macquarie University in Australia.

Taisia Nistorenco

Investment Manager e-mail

Taisia manages investments in power, natural resources and heavy industries, currently primarily in Australia. She worked for several years in international deals advisory on transactions in manufacturing, energy and healthcare. Taisia holds two master's degrees in Finance and International Business from the University of Economics in Prague, graduated from Advanced Corporate Finance summer school at the London School of Economics and pursued PhD in Financial management.

Václav Štindl

Investment Manager e-mail

Václav focuses on investments in the EMEA power sector and Australian mining and minerals. Prior to joining Sev.en GI, Václav has managed major projects for a large energy infrastructure company in the Czech Republic and worked for a leading global management consultancy. Václav holds an MBA from the University of Oxford as well as Bachelor’s and Master’s degrees from the Charles University in Prague and the University College London respectively.

Samuel Béreš

Senior Associate e-mail

As an investment associate, Samuel is focused on energy and mining opportunities in Australia and the Pacific region. Prior to joining Sev.en GI, he gained transaction experience in investment banking roles. Samuel holds MSc in Finance and Investments from Rotterdam School of Management and BSc in Economics from the Charles University.

David Zbožínek

Senior Associate e-mail

David is an Associate for M&A in our Australia team where he is responsible for business development. Prior to joining Sev.en GI, David worked in CCE investment group with projects in banking, media, and manufacturing. David holds MSc in Finance from Bocconi University, but he also studied at Stockholm School of Economics.

Lukáš Hochmann

Investment Manager e-mail

Lukáš is responsible for investments and acquisitions in North America with main focus on mining, power generation and steel processing. Prior to joining Sev.en GI, Lukáš worked as an in-house consultant for a large utility company. Lukáš holds a master’s degree in physical chemistry and a bachelor’s degree in economic studies, both from the Charles University in Prague.

Jesse Parrish

Country Manager - United States e-mail

Jesse is the CEO of Blackhawk Mining. Since 2014 when he joined Blackhawk, he was a President, CFO, VP and Director of Strategie Planning and Corporate Communications. Prior to Blackhawk, Jesse practiced law in the Lexington, Kentucky office of Bingham Greenebaum Doll LLP. Previously, Jesse was the Chairman for the West Virginia Coal Association and the Kentucky Coal Association. He is also a trustee for the Energy and Mineral Law Foundation and a member of the Board of Directors of the Nati ona I Mining Association. Jesse Parrish is a graduate of the University of Kentucky with a Bachelor of Business Administration in Finance and a Juris Doctor.

Jan Kraváček

Senior Associate e-mail

Jan is an investment professional primarily responsible for US investments and steelmaking sector. Prior to joining Sev.en GI, he has been part of BCG’s Principal Investors & Private Equity practice. Jan holds MSc in Finance from the London School of Economics and BSc in Economics from the Charles University.

Pavel Hloušek

Senior Associate e-mail

Pavel focuses on energy transition investments – mostly mining and processing of critical minerals (uranium, battery metals). Prior to joining Sev.en, Pavel has been advising on decarbonization and energy transition at a global management consultancy. Pavel holds MSc in Finance at the Stockholm School of Economics and BSc in Economics from the Charles University.

Vít Hanuš

Investment Manager e-mail

Vít focuses on new acquisitions and transactions. He is multidisciplinary manager with 10+ years of experience, primarily in financial sector, M&A and technologies. His expertise includes investment projects, post-merger integrations, transactions or new technologies. He holds several university degrees – Master of Civil Engineering from the Czech Technical University, Prague and Master of Business and Management in Industry from the University of Economics, Prague.


Strong Expertise
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Sev.en GI's acquisition and integration teams are composed of experienced M&A professionals, market research and industry specialists. Our turnaround experts work closely with the managements of our portfolio companies to jointly develop best strategies for sustainable and value-generating growth in the ever-changing markets.

We hire and develop the best people who can help us prosper and grow further. We nourish and share the talent across our portfolio companies.