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International Acquistions of Pavel Tykač’s Sev.en Group Shall Continue to Grow under Sev.en Global Investments.

Praque, 14 January 2022 - As of 1 January 2022, Sev.en Global Investments has become the new investment vehicle for international growth of Pavel Tykač’s Sev.en Group. Headed by Alan Svoboda, the group plans to continue the successful expansion launched as part of Sev.en Group’s M&A division three years ago. The group has a presence already on three continents and in 2022 it expects the combined annual turnover to reach EUR 1.3 billion.

Sev.en Global Investments will manage the international investments made to date, and seize any attractive future growth opportunities. The group will continue to focus on its current business sectors - power generation and mining. At the same time it intends to further expand to sectors which, due to the growing shortages of institutional capital, offer unique opportunities for less constrained private investors. This may include opportunities in the steel industry, in petrochemicals and others. Sev.en Global Investments is also currently evaluating opportunities in the financial and pharmaceutical sectors.

Sev.en Global Investments builds on an experienced team of investment professionals headed by Alan Svoboda, the Group CEO, who has been in charge of Sev.en Group’s international expansion since 2018.

We have a track record of three very successful growth years. Thanks to carefully evaluated and managed investing, further development of the acquired companies, and the developments on the commodity markets, the value of our investments has grown multiple times. We are not afraid of global expansion. In addition to Europe, we are also present in the US and Australia and are actively looking for additional opportunities worldwide. To place our private capital we look for special investment situations such as a shortage of institutional capital. Currently, several sectors are experiencing a lack of institutional investors' interest as they may be, often regrettably, labelled as insufficiently green, less sustainable, or socially less equitable. At the same time, such sectors continue to be essential for their countries’ economies and their successful transformation. We believe such opportunities will continue to emerge and we stand ready to provide the missing capital. With this objective we have formed Sev.en Global Investments, resourced with substantial capital reserves, experienced specialists and investment professionals, broad business networks, and other prerequisites for further successful expansion” explains Alan Svoboda.

Simultaneously, each of our acquisitions serves also as a platform for further growth and for synergies with our existing investment portfolio. We are building our success both on our professional investment approach and on the expertise of the local business managers. I am very pleased to note that so far we have been very fortunate to find and support excellent local management teams,” adds Alan Svoboda.

Svoboda´s team major international acquisitions to date include Blackhawk Mining, one of the largest US producers of metallurgical coal for steel production, a 50% stake in InterGen, a leading independent energy producer that owns and operates major gas-fired and coal-fired generation assets in the UK and Australia, or a minority equity stake in Corsa Coal, another major US producer of metallurgical coal. Sev.en Global Investments is also building a global portfolio of land and mineral mining rights.

Growing Sev.en Group’s international presence and its further successful expansion through Sev.en Global Investments is a logical continuation of the development that Pavel Tykač started when he entered the coal mining business in north of the Czech Republic in 2006. Building on strong management teams and traditional know-how, his companies have developed unique competences and deep-rooted experience, which provide a sound platform for new business activities and growth. As a highly respected global private capital investor, the Sev.en Group through Sev.en Global Investments is well placed to continue successfully exporting Czech capital and its business know how to become a respected global investor.




Gabriela Sáričková Benešová
Sev.en Group Spokesperson